Why Outsource?

  • Payroll Processing is considered administrative. It is time consuming and does not add any direct benefit to the business. Focus instead on building business.
  • Outsourcing payroll will save a range of costs - staffing, training and the need to keep updated with ever-changing government legislation.
  • Get solid product experience and be assured of innovative, efficient service and up-to-date industry knowledge in a constantly changing environment.

Why Outsource to PAYPAC?

  • Outsourcing to PAYPAC is extremely cost effective.
  • We can supply you with a quotation within one working hour.
  • We offer a customised and secure service.
  • Our processing is flexible, super quick, reliable and accurate.
  • We have vast experience in calculating payroll across all industry groups.
  • You will have ready access to your own dedicated payroll consultant. Our team leaders will know your payroll procedures and your payroll will always be processed to the highest standards.

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