PAYPAC staff are fully trained in all aspects of payroll. They are available to consult with you regarding your payroll.

Getting an ‘outside’ person to look at your processes can quite often result in major improvements in workflow and productivity.

If you require a customised approach to your organisation's payroll processing or are seeking suggestions to better manage your payroll, PAYPAC can provide the necessary consultation.

The results of the consultation would allow your organisation to better manage your payroll.

PAYPAC's consultants can offer advice and guidance in a variety of areas, for example, providing you with setup and support procedures as well as pay periods, such as end of month and end of year.

Taxation, State & Federal Laws Advice

Consultation services also aid your organisation to comply with the ever changing State and Federal Laws, related to payroll. Once you have purchased PAYPAC's annual warranty, you are entitled to an automatic update of any Statutory and Taxation Changes. We are willing to provide you with extra assistance in this area if you request it.

Our target is to find a payroll environment which best suits your needs, this may involve:

  • Changes to manual procedures.
  • Changes to payroll department structures.
  • Changes to data collection methods.
  • Production of information for management and daily payroll administration.

General Support & Enquiries

Any Ad hoc inquiries will be addressed promptly by PAYPAC consultants to ensure that your organisation fully understands our system. This includes notice and advice on any updates on the latest payroll procedures and requirements.

Contact PAYPAC now to discuss meeting with a Payroll Consultant today.

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